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What is work-life balance exactly? No, I am not going to define it for you! All of us are very different and we have diverse physical, emotional and social needs. We work towards satisfying these needs every day of our life. Often when we focus on one area, we don’t realise the other slipping away from balance slowly, until it hits the rock bottom! Hence, I suggest you define your own work and life balance.

So, if you are looking to understand how to strike that balance of holding many things in life, I believe this post will help you! Even if you’re not looking for it and have it figured out, do read my post and put down what you think about my post in the comments section!

I have put down a list of all the powerful things that has often helped me to put myself back in track every time one side slipped away! 

Here is my post on 12 effective tips to attain perfect work-life balance!

#1 Make your priority list

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What we have done, what we do and what we plan to do are all based on our priorities. The decisions we make from a phone call to career choices are all based on our priorities. Hence, I propose that you set your priorities first. Make a list of top 10 priorities (some of them can be like – Time for self, 8-hour sleep, time out with children/ parents/ spouse, healthy lifestyle, junk-free diet, mindfulness, cooking your own meal, setting up a routine etc)

#2 Create work, life, relationship and health goals

Why do you think you need career goals? It is about creating a career goal with intellectual advancement. Yes, you probably have an “x” amount of salary in your mind, getting promoted every year and you are probably working towards it. But this is about getting deeper into your subject, creating an innate need to keep educating/updating to the present. 

Relationship goals are to keep you and your people that matter to you on the same page. Just making an effort to spend quality time will resolve this and improve your relationships effectively.

One important reason to create a health goal is that the quality of your health is directly proportional to how you feel. In other words, if your health is good that is how you will feel, or you won’t find it different. When your health is poor, fear, sorrow and negative thoughts start creeping into your mind slowly.

What are Life goals then? This defines the quality of life from the food you eat, to how clean your bathroom is at home. Every little thing adds to your quality of life. So if you think you’re generally a messy person and everything around you is messy, then start with a simple goal like “I will keep the topmost rack in my cupboard clean for the next week” and work on it. It will eventually grow on you.

Gradually building these goals into your lives will naturally strike a work-life balance.

#3 Engage productively

To balance your work-life balance better you need to engage with people and activities productively. You will need to channelise where you spend your energy and why you are spending it. This can be done only when your priority list is ready!

#4 Craft your time

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Yes, I really do mean to say craft your time! Every day, ideate how you plan to spend your time based on your priority list. This will bring up a huge change in your work-life balance. Allocate every hour of the day to the routine you want to Shape. Keep track of every minute you spend extra apart from those you have already allocated and try to bring it into your bandwidth. It’s alright if you miss it for the first couple of days but don’t give up. Wake up every day and start afresh, like it is a new beginning of your journey to becoming your ideal self. Trust me if you keep doing that, it will shift the many dynamics in your life.

#5 Set a routine

With all your priorities listed, your goals set and time crafted, dissolve it into your life by creating a rhythm. In other words, a set pattern that you do over and over again. When this rhythm is established, your environment settles to your system. When your friend calls you at 7:30 AM and you are busy in your morning workout routine, The next time he won’t disturb you at that time.

The ecosystem starts settling down around you and people around you will begin to realize what/what not they can expect from you and when.

#WARNING: If you don’t stick with your routine strictly, then your environment will take you for granted.

#6 Automate wherever possible

Automation eases your life. It basically means you don’t have to be everywhere to do everything/overlook at everything. Take help/train people around you to do basic chores that can be done without your presence, show some love and cut some slack for yourself. This will optimise the time you overspend on somethings. 

Once, I came across a video of Indra Nooyi where she spoke about how she managed her family while being the CEO of PepsiCo. She refers to an event where her younger daughter used to call every now and then, and Indra Nooyi had instructed her PA with a set of questions to be asked along with a set of answers to be given. The daughter’s call will get connected to the mother only when there is something apart from usual.

#7 Build your “me time” with yoga and mindfulness

I am saying this not as a Yoga teacher but as a practitioner. I was initially very reluctant and lazy to start my yoga practice. When I did make efforts to keep it going every day, I really saw shifts happening in many many aspects of my life. Suddenly my relationships got better, how I understood others anger was different, what I ate, what I said, how I moved… everything gradually started shifting. 

When you engage with Yoga and Mindfulness, your productivity naturally increases, you will be more watchful of how you spend your time every day. This will carve a pathway to the perfect work-life balance you foresee.

#8 Drop the baggage

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I am talking about the heavy, dragging and unbearable emotional baggage we carry around all day long. Like what we carry from home to work and back from work to home. So your mother-in-law/mom criticized you for your sense of fashion, respond and resolve it then and there. If you are having a bad day with your boss, communicate it effectively, or at least resolve it before you enter the home. Every time you leave a space, it is the best practice you resolve all your residues then and there or at least drop your residues and negative energies there. So, it does not contaminate the energies of the next person/environment you are interacting with.

#9 Be positive- Say “What next?”

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It is a daily struggle until you tame your mind. Everybody does not get to find work that they really love or passionate about. Currently, if you hate your job or if you are stuck with your job this will help you to get up and start loving yourself and the job.

For me, every time mind gets into the mode of dwelling over my fears, fits of anger and disappointments, I fight with it to drag it back to present. When I started this practice, I would only realise after a long time that I am dwelling into negativity, then I will push it out and refresh my mind with a few deep breaths/freshwater/a quick movement/short walk. After a couple of months now, I can’t do anything but be positive about everything that’s happening to me/around me. It just flows through me naturally! Trust me, it’s like you are “on top of the world” kinda feeling.

This tiny exercise has enormous power to shift your life from a dull, boring, unsatisfied to energetic, well balanced and happy life. (Try this out for a week and let me know how it worked for you in the comments)

#10 Start saying “No”

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Start saying “no” to anything that will disturb your balance because you have listed out your priorities, your routine and you are making AN immense effort to achieve this balance. Why would you want to mess it all up for something that is not worth it?

There is also another form of “no” that is to say it to people! Yes, for many of us this is a difficult task because it is ingrained that we are constantly expected to be a people pleaser… It might be relatively easy to say it to ur family, but when it comes to a social/professional circle, it’s difficult. So what happens when you don’t say “No”? You often end up taking more on your plate than you can finish and that will mess up your balance. This also creates immense stress and pressure and you are actually suppressing your inner voice. Hence, there is a clash between the internal and the external world.

So I kindly request you to do yourself a favour and please start saying no. Click here for an easy trick that will help you get started on that.

#11 Disconnect from Tech

You will see me writing this in my every other post because the box in all of our hands with immense potential also has the capacity to limit our minds. It pushes the immense possibilities of your life into boundaries. Hence, once again, I reiterate that you disconnect from technology and let your mind be. Allow it to work its own magic, to find what you seek and to balance your life.

#12 Take a weekend to…

It is important to often take a break from the routine. This is necessary not just to rest and relax, it is also important for a self-check of where you are in your goals if your priorities have changed if yet reset your priority list accordingly. Hence, when you get back to your routine, you can start afresh and achieve your work-life balance!

Hence, I believe the above tips will help you have a better personal and professional life.

All of us experience wears and tears of our everyday life, thus, we tend to fall out of our routines, give up on our priorities and go back to our inborn habits. It is absolutely alright and completely human for that to happen! Therefore, what matters is your resilience. Once you are out of balance and realise it, reset your routine, relist your priorities and start again!

Please do comment your thoughts and suggestions about this blog below!